An art director by profession and a social media manager enthused about the opportunities that these two backgrounds combined they can provide through small actions. Visual and word connect and create something new. I have lived in São Paulo and I love that city, I lived in Milan and Florence and love the art capital more than the fashion capital. Today I live in London, trying to figure out the nuances of this capital. Here, there are possibilities for everybody and everything.

I worked as a Social Media Manager for a financial Startup, as a Brand Manager for a Fashion Startup and as Art Director and Marketing Coordinator for a school. Excellent skills in Adobe (InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator) and Social Media Management. I have been working in the communication field for more than10 years and I have experience in Social Media Strategy and Advertising, Planning Budget, PPC Marketing (Focus on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat), Social Media Management  (organic and Paid), Digital and Social Media Analytics. Also knowledge in typography, printing processes, branding and colour system (CMYK, Pantone and RGB).

 A huge range of opportunities and work to be developed.

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